Update 22/09/2019

We have now recieved a new server we was awaiting to migrate across to. And we have the new Billing module. 
We are now awaiting a Revised version of the billing module due there being no "Renew" in it. Meaning if we migrated now any lines paid would not come back online. 
Due to this we are still without access to our panel, and will await the revised version of the module. Were learning the new panel due to different features and different lay-outs we wont be as fast using the new panel as before.  So yes we are aware of feeds being down, Or issues occuring at present but until we can resolve these with the migration we cant help it to much at present. we are aware some of our Providers are up and active due to our input helping them with this issue, As our service rely's on the automation we have not migrated ourselves yet. And yes there will be bugs and differences that will appear but we have entire faith in this panel provider and think once he has resolved some of the more major issues everything will fall into place.




Initial Update

At present Nobody can access their Panels to change, add, move streams. change user lines, etc.. we have no graphical interface So at present links or do any channel maintenance, we are looking for a valid alternative, Until then we cannot do channels change links etc. so please don't report it. We are in the same boat as a lot of other providers out there we will Post up on the announcements section if there is any change. 

Thursday, September 19, 2019

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