Re seller Plans

£80.00 GBP

New Reseller Panel with 25 credits
£105.00 GBP

Existing Reseller panel top-up (25 Credits)
£100.00 GBP

Basic Reseller plan, Panel with credits and own DDNS link
This will come with a panel full of credits and your own custom ddns link so your m3u link has your very own link in it.
Panel consists of 25 credits. 1 Month = 1 credit 3 months =3 credits. Etc.. All accounts come with 2 connections default.
Please Note We Do Require Resellers With Own DDNS Link To Pay $20 USD per month for Cloudflare
£15.00 GBP
£7.00 Setup Fee
Cloudflare Protection on Registered Domain
Recommended for all resellers!
This ensures that we dont get attacked through your domain resulting in your domain being taken down