Please Be Patient

Week Commencing 29/07/2019 
29th July 2019
admin will be busier than normal during this week we will reply when possible, please bear with us for the week while were dealing with  "personal" issues. 

29th Jul 2019
VOD Being Re-Done

Guys Vod is being Re-done. Turns out a Update that happened, re-written some configuration files. I spent about 9-10 hours attempting to fix the issue. Server support was not that great, We're having to re-install the OS and start from scratch. I do apologize for this as its a major pain. for us and yourselves. We'll update it as soon as we can! ... Read More »

17th May 2019
Ps vue usa content.

We are aware we are experiencing issues with usa (vue) feeds, we will be changing their server early next week. We are sorry for this slight delay in them being resolved. Its taken extensive testing to resolve and diagnose the problem.


7th May 2019
New Sign-ups Wont Be Activated Until Error Is Resolved

Issue Between Billing Panel and Our Servers At Present Due to  Fibre Outage Effecting a 400Gbps Line. 
New Lines Wont Be Activated until after the issue is resolved!

14th Apr 2019
*** Maintenance Update ***

Hi all. We are aware of the issues we have been and are facing with our current High Load server. We are swapping it out Very soon! within the next coming days!We do have a active promo code until the end of march to get a little off your subscription This is valid for new members only!Code - NeWm3MB3rwill give 15% off your first order. Read More »

22nd Mar 2019
**** Maintenance Update ****

  We've been testing solutions to buffering (not affecting everyone) We have a solution and are awaiting an additional 3 servers to come online. Once this is done it will be a painful process for us but every feed will be balanced across an array of servers and clients will hook up to the one nearest to them. ensuring were doing ... Read More »

20th Feb 2019
**Server Update**

We'll be adding multiple new USA servers to help customers across usa to access content.
these will be implimented and should hopefully help any buffering issues throughout the country

19th Feb 2019
Please Verify Email Accounts

Due to getting Spam Emails through our billing system. You will now be required to Verify your email address before purchasing. 
Make Sure To Check Your Spam / Junk And Other Inbox for these Emails.


13th Feb 2019
Uk Sports and movies

Hi all i've noticed a lot of uk sports and movies appear offline or are not correct atm 

im working on them ASAP and will get them back up and running within the next few days


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5th Feb 2019
Updated Feed List

Please Find our Feed List here 

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23rd Jan 2019